Tuesday, January 8, 2008

AC/DC: Ready To Return to Rock and Roll?

A Spanish website dedicated to Heavy Metal is reporting that their sources in New York have revealed that AC/DC is eminently poised to return to the music scene. This rumor has not been confirmed by the band's record company, however.

According to Rafabasa.com, a serious knee problem of Angus Young's has been hindering the bands return to the stage. However, that problem has now been resolved and the group may begin playing what are described as "mini-shows" sometime in late January.

Apparently, those performances will celebrate Malcolm Young's recent 55th birthday and, perhaps, allow AC/DC to debut some of their new material.

Also, according to this rumor, the band has already finished mixing a new album with the assistance of famed producer, "Mutt" Lange. A new AC/DC world tour appears to be the next logical step, says Rafabasa.

While millions of AC/DC fans are no doubt clamoring for the band to return to the stage it should be noted that, at last report, AC/DC hadn't even entered the recording studio but that the Young brothers were privately working on songs.

Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams have kept themselves busy, in the meantime, performing charity shows for the John Entwistle Foundation.

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