Saturday, January 12, 2008

AC/DC Shoots Swiss Rumor Down in Flames

In a relatively rare public announcement from any official source inside the AC/DC camp, their official website has posted this statement on their front page regarding the highly publicized rumor of a special concert to be held in Switzerland on January 25th, 2008.

"Contrary to rumors floating around the internet, AC/DC will not be playing at a special club performance in Switzerland in late January."

Well, it's a good thing they've cleared that up as I had almost sold off all my Grandmother's furniture for a plane ticket and a handgun to insure I would make the show. What are the Swiss guns laws like anyway? I guess I should have found that out before kicking Granny out on the street first, eh?

I do see an out here, though, because AC/DC didn't rule out the possibility of the show happening in February or any other months this coming year. Hmm...

How is Angus' knee anyway? I'm worried about that lad. It seems like he's always having something bad happen to him when he's on vacation. Like that time Angus was dead and then he miraculously sprang back to life only to deny he'd ever been dead in the first place.

That boy has some big balls to pull a stunt like that on his adoring public.

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