Tuesday, February 19, 2008

R.I.P. Bon Scott

It's Tuesday, February 19, 2008, which is exactly 28 years since the late, great Bon Scott tragically passed from this earth. Coincidentally, Bon died on a Tuesday all those years ago.

What I like about Bon besides him having the best, most distinctive voice in rock 'n' roll was that he always seemed to stand up to anybody who tried to steamroll him in any way, shape or form.

Even when he was a kid, a fresh faced immigrant from Scotland in the wide open land of Australia, the homegrown lads tried to make him adopt an Aussie accent and he said no.

According to Bon, because he wouldn't bend to the will of the others, that's how he got his nickname, 'The Bonny Scott.'

People say Bon's lyrics weren't political and he himself said he never had a message for anyone except for maybe giving them his room number (lol) but I disagree.

His defiant attitude is political in the sense that he taught us all you have to stand up for yourself against anyone or any system that tries to force bullshit down your throat. Like these classic lines from "Rock 'n' Roll Singer."

well you can stick your nine to five livin'
and your collar and your tie
you can stick your moral standards
'cause it's all a dirty lie
you can stick your golden handshake
and you can stick your silly rules
and all the other shit
that you teach to kids in school
'cause I ain't no fool
gonna be a rock 'n' roll singer"

Even further, Bon laid down his code to living in "Bad Boy Boogie." I know he always said this song was about Angus but these lyrics seem like the heart and soul of Bon Scott to me.

on the day I was born the rain fell down
there was trouble brewin' in my home town
it was the seventh day I was the seventh son
and it scared the hell out of every one
they said stop
I said go
they said fast
I said slow
they said lost

I said no
I do the bad boy boogie

Later on in the song, he adds these immortal lines...

I said up
they said down
they said straight
I said round
they said lost
I said found
I said free
they said bound
bad boy boogie
do the bad boy
bad boy boogie

I don't know how others feel but I take these lyrics to mean that no matter what people try to force you to do, you have to resist and go your own way. The rest of society would have you conform to their rules but Bon shows you how to be different and truly free in this life. If people want to call you a bad boy, well '
bein' a bad boy ain't that bad' in all reality.

What I also like about Bon was the passion he showed for the things he cared about in his life. Like Irene Thornton, his wife, for instance.

Even though they split up when he decided his music was more important than their relationship, you can tell that she was always on his mind, never far from his heart. "Overdose" is particularly poignant.

I never smoked me no cigarettes
I never drank much booze
but I'm only a man don't ya understand
and a man can sometimes lose
you gave me somethin' I never had
pulled me down with you
hit me up with a big hunka love
hope you can pull me through
I overdosed on you
I overdosed on you
crazy but it's true
ain't nothin' I can do
I overdosed on you

woman you give to me
more 'n I can take
but listen honey
I don't mind

you're a habit I don't wanna break
don't want me none of the harder stuff
don't need it anymore
I'm in hell
and I'm sinkin' fast
and I don't need no cure
I overdosed on you
I overdosed on you
crazy but it's true
ain't nothin' I can do
I overdosed on you

I'm as happy as a man can be
too far gone to save
died of love
and plenty of
just write on my grave
I overdosed on you
I overdosed on you
crazy but it's true
there's nothin' I can do
I overdosed on you

on you
on you
all over you
all over you
all over
I overdosed
on you

People give all sorts of reasons for why Bon died but I say it was mostly from a broken heart.

Somehow he couldn't have this magnificent woman he passionately loved and his music too. I believe that was part of the reason he drank so much. That was the tragedy and it's a lesson for all of us in that you have to find a way to balance your life before it all slips away in an instant.

The exact cause of Bon's death may be a mystery up until this very day but whatever truly occurred that cold night was most likely the type of thing that could have happened to anyone who'd been out drinking.

It was a tragic accident that happened to a young man who had everything to live for and who was dreaming of settling down as soon as he had finally made it, obviously hoping to rekindle the relationship with his other true love.

I don't know why Bon felt he had to prove so much to world but I'm certainly glad he gave it his all when it came to rock 'n' roll. His songs have touched millions of fans and will go on reaching new generations of kids for as long as mankind still has ears to hear with and hearts to feel with.

Rest In Peace, Bon.


Bon Scott Fan said...

Nice tribute to the wonderful person who was Bon Scott. 28 years after he left this world, we're still missing him.

Rest in Peace, Bon. You sang "Hell ain't a bad place to be" but you are in Heaven, with all the biggest, because you are one of them.

Mister DNA said...

Great stuff. There will never be another frontman like Bon Scott.

Thanks for checking out my tribute at cbebs.org.

Anonymous said...

si il y a un dieu quelque part,j'espère qu'il prend soin de bon,parce que sur cette terre,il me manque beaucoup.

Anonymous said...

Bon was simply the best! R.I.P. - I'm just listening to the amazing album "Let there be rock" (Australian edition) with "Crabsody in Blue" ;-)


Alex from Austria

nice162 said...

Argggh, Overdose. possibly one of my favorite all time favourate tracks, as is R'R Singer.
I think he was political, very much so. In the terms of "Sticking it to the Man", a rebel, a rouge, a Rock'n'Roll singer. Some one you would dread your daughter to bring home in case he ended up sleeping with your wife.
There is so much truth in all his lyrics, which is very sad when you understand some of them. "Gimme A Bullet", "Overdose", "Ride On" to name but three. You can almost tell his state of mind by the album.
Was treking through America on route 66 the real motive behind "Highway To Hell" or did he believe that he was already on it? Arrgh God alone nose because his gift of double endever was second to none. One things for sure though, he has left a wake that is as wide as the Atlantic ocean and no amount of water will ever fill it.

Mikael Nilsson said...

Very moving and very well put, about the greatest rocker ever to have walked this earth.

Claudia said...

A wonderful tribute, Jon. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Bon with all of us. :)

Anonymous said...

Vera here. I'll remember hearing of Bon's death just like the first time I heard him sing "Highway To Hell" on the radio. Even though I'd only heard a couple of his songs and had no idea who he was, it really upset me when I heard of his passing. I've collected his music since then, and through the Yahoo and Google groups, I've gotten tons of info on him. He seemed to be a real character and I wish I could have been fortunate enough to have met him. R.I.P. dude, hope to meet you on the other side.

Anonymous said...

I'l never forget the first time I heard Bon. It was Whole Lotta Rosie and I was sitting on my friends' apt. floor back in the mid-70s. If I was a guy, I'd say that incredible voice reached out and grabbed me by the balls and he never let go! I have been a rabid fan of his ever since.
He will always be the greatest frontman in history, bar none., and I will be a Bon lady forever.

rock in peace, Bon. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jon, that's a really nice text...
I'm fifteen, and i discovered AC/DC 3 years ago with the HtH album. I got hooked at once. I search about AC/DC on the internet, and when I read that Bon was dead, even if it was years ago and i barely knew his music, i couldn't help the tears to come. Till this day, i'm a big fan of the boyz, and i must say that Bon's lyrics have taught the little girl i was many things about life. ;-)
Rock in Peace, Bon

roger sullivan said...

I hope many more of our youth discover ac/dc

roger said...

ac/dc rocks forever