Saturday, April 19, 2008

AC/DC Set To Release New Album This Year

"The waiting is almost over! AC/DC fans can expect the band's next album of new material sometime later this year. The band are currently recording in Vancouver with producer Brendan O'Brien and long time audio engineer Mike Fraser. This will be the band's first collection of new material since the release of Stiff Upper Lip in 2000."

Note from Jon:

In other news, Pope Benedict XVI stopped by America the other day to publicly condemn the new AC/DC album even before it's released. Said Ben, "These guys are almost as old as I am and they still haven't learned to fly straight!"

Would you trust this dude with your kids?

This condemnation by the new, ex-Nazi Pope comes as a huge surprise
because, as we all know, the extremely late Pope John Paul II was a huge AC/DC fan.


Anonymous said...

is there any truth to the number of songs on the album? i read somewhere its 48?
i calculated an augurythem on releases , the next album after this one will be in 2019?
how old are the youngs, then the next one will be 2034,

Anonymous said...

Hey, leave the pope and "nazi" comments off anything to do with ac /dc? AC/DC has never stood against or for left/right wing politics. Some of us have family members who were National Socialists or "nazis" are you disparagingly refer to them as. And we have a history that differs from that of what the mainstream media says about "Nazis". And although I'm not Catholic, I'm sure Catholics don't appreciate political overtures on an ac/dc web page either. SO.....keep the AC/DC rockin but please refrain from sneaky and cowardly attacks on "nazis"....thanks.

Jon Talisman said...

There was nothing sneaky or cowardly in my attacks on the Pope. They were right out front for everyone to see and I stand by them.

For starters, the Catholic church, imho, has done next to nothing to combat their problems with pedophiles in the priesthood. Yet, they consider a band like AC/DC to be Satanic! What's up with that???

AC/DC as a band may not be politically minded, but I am and I think Bon Scott was, too.

"well you can stick your nine to five livin'
and your collar and your tie
you can stick your moral standards
'cause it's all a dirty lie
you can stick your golden handshake
and you can stick your silly rules
and all the other shit
that you teach to kids in school
'cause I ain't no fool"
- Bon Scott

Lastly, if you prefer to call the National Socialist party by that name instead of the term "Nazi's" that's your problem, not mine.

Jon Talisman said...

Brian was quoted once or twice saying that the Young's had over 40 songs of new material written, but no one really knows the number of songs that will eventually be on the new album.

AC/DC's history suggests that it will only be a single CD of new material, but they could shock us with a double. Ya never know...

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. i am catholic and let me tell you something. AC/DC is the best fucking band in the fucking universe. And by the way, if people below me comment on our priests and how some are pedophiles, who gives a fuck its not like catholics have nothing to make fun of about other religions. Here, we are one religion, the AC/DC religion so refrain from bashing religion to rejoicing the gods of rock. thank god the new album is here!