Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bon Scott's Legend Still Growing

Seems like every week there's a major news article somewhere in the world's press praising AC/DC's late, great front man, Bon Scott. Though the street fighting singer died nearly thirty years ago, Bon's rock star status seems to be shining brighter than ever.

Just in the past two days, three very interesting reads crossed my desk. In the first, Bon Homilies Linger Beyond The Grave, The West discusses why fans of all ages are devoted to Bon and how they're participating in the Bon Scott Project which opened earlier today in Fremantle, Scott's adopted hometown in Australia.

The Vine has published a tremendous pictorial in honor of Bon, too. Bon Scott Lives On should not be missed if you're a dedicated fan of the man who often cheekily compared himself to Enrico Caruso.

Finally, possibly topping all the latest features, do not miss Bon To Rule, which features one man's personal memories of seeing Bon-era AC/DC in concert. Not only that, but famous Bon Scott biographer, Clinton Walker, weighs in on the Fremantle art exhibition dedicated to Bon, as well. Even though it's tiny, I'm betting fans will love the picture of Bon with some female friends who appear to be hanging out together in a hotel room after a concert, too. What a night that must have been for ol' Bon!

By the way, one other great site to check out is the Super Groupie's blog where she shows off her contributions to the Bon Scott Project. Regular AC/DC News readers might remember this story about her Bon related artwork called Bon Scott's Crotch. Also, a cool news video has been posted about the event over at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC) website.

Oh, and it would be remiss of me to fail to mention that today is the start of the third annual Bon Scott Weekend held in Kirriemuir, Bon's original hometown in Scotland. Fans there will be able to celebrate in style with a number rock bands, including an AC/DC tribute act. See this BBC link for more information.

Of course, as most everybody knows, young Bon swam across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to escape to Australia at the tender age of 6 after Scottish authorities put him on the Most Wanted list of juvenile offenders for allegedly stealing the virginity of several girls nearly three times his age. Otherwise, he surely would have remained in Scotland and Malcolm Young might still be working in a bra factory today. Lucky for us, Bon was a good swimmer...

Anyway, if you've read this far and are still not part of the world's biggest Bon Scott fan club, why not join us? Even if you're too shy to participate in the forum, I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing the great collection of AC/DC pics that fans have posted there over the years. All AC/DC fans are welcome!

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