Friday, August 29, 2008

Best Since Back In Black?

Will Black Ice be the best album since Back In Black?

Australia's had the privilege of listening to seven tracks off AC/DC's "Black Ice" earlier today and posted this intriguing review of what they heard.

From what I gather, they feel it's the best thing the band has done since Back In Black.
Incidentally, the listening session took place at the world famous Alberts Records studio in Sydney where the group made many a monster recording back in the 70's. Anyway, here's a few selected excerpts from David Higgin's review to whet your appetite for full article.

Anything Goes has the potential to be the band’s biggest hit since You Shook Me All Night Long if released - under one plan - as a second single.

Opening with a guitar sound that recalls Bon Scott’s bagpipes in Long Way to the Top, Anything Goes is a delicious 1970s tune with blood-pumping, 2008 production values.

The Young brothers would disagree, but it is the closest thing to a pop song the band has done and will pull in many new fans.

The songs heard today draw from periods throughout the band’s career.

Black Ice is a head-banging anthem from the For Those About to Rock era, with a riff as good as any the Youngs have written.

War Machine is a hard and fast affair reminiscent of Back in Black’s Given The Dog a Bone.

Meanwhile, criticism of the band's deal with Wal-Mart continues to escalate, at least from some quarters. Goldmine Magazine issued this stinging shot the other day, calling it a "deal with the devil" while another columnist chastized AC/DC has having joined the "corporate rock crowd" which is a far cry from their days as rock's baddest rebels.

Of course, now that the first single has been released fans everywhere are clamoring even more for AC/DC to tour in their area. In fact, according to a recent poll out of Canada, newspaper readers there said that AC/DC is their #1 choice of bands to see on their Fall concert wish list.

Speaking of being #1, AC/DC is not far from it in terms of full album sales from the years 2006 to 2008 according to the Wall Street Journal. In fact, of all the bands in the world, only The Beatles sold more albums than AC/DC in the past 3 years! The Journal says that their success may be partly due to the fact that the group refuses to sell their songs individually through ITunes.

By the way, it looks like the AC/DC store is offering a great deal on a Black Ice Cd/No Bull Dvd (Director's cut) combo right now if you pre-order it directly from them. The regular package goes for $26 whilst the Blu-Ray edition will cost you $10 more. For your money, it appears you'll get a special blue colored AC/DC logo for your Black Ice Cd from that deal. Who's up for it?

In other items of interest, Don Jacobson of the Beachwood Reporter (who?) says "Rock 'N Roll Train" sounds 'exactly like every song AC/DC's done since Brian Johnson joined the band in 1980' but he questions if that's really a good thing or not. His review's kind of fun to read if you don't mind him taking a few pot-shots at your favorite band. Look here for a slighty different take on the song.

Last, but not in the least the least, has an innovative new feature on our favorite band called AC/DC 101. Described as a "crash course in the history of the world's most electrifying rock & roll band, AC/DC 101 provides you with a multimedia show while you read the official story of the lads from down under.

I haven't studied the site very closely but it does look like it will be great fun, especially for the younger fans among us. Wow, isn't it great that AC/DC seems to finally almost have a really decent web site and it's only 2008!

Well, folks, that's all I could find since last time so have a great weekend everybody and stay safe while you're out partying.

Keep rockin, Jon

PS> Thanks for all the great comments lately! Keep 'em coming, eh?


Anonymous said...

Why do ppl criticize acdc couse it sells records in wal-mart and call them sell-outs? i dont care, im just happy they have something new and awesome. Long live AC/DC, long live rock n roll!

Anonymous said...

Man...I'm looking forward to it. The sky blue cover is the best one. But I won't buy the two things...I'll stick to the red one

Anonymous said...

Just recently discovered this page and I have to say great job! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I dont care where they sell the album I will go there to buy it. And all these reviews about the album are great they all compare Black Ice to Back In Black.

Andre du Plessis said...

Well it's setting me up to expect something really good. Looking forward to listening to it.