Friday, August 1, 2008

New AC/DC Album Demo Clips Online?

A YouTube user named Halogen909 has uploaded a couple of short audio clips which he claims were taken from demos of songs that will be included on the forthcoming AC/DC album release, Black Ice.

Have a listen and judge for yourself whether or not there's any truth to what he claims...

AC/DC Cut & Run - new 2008

ACDC - new album clip 2008

Meanwhile, different sources have stated that AC/DC will either open their new tour in Chicago, IL on Halloween Night or in Wilkes Barre, Pa (date unknown). The Chicago rumor was apparently reported on The Pulse of Radio but I'd stick to the more reliable writers from Billboard and guess that Pennsylvania will be the first state to actually host the Black Ice tour.

In other developments, The Pulse of Radio has also reported that the new CD release date has been pushed up to Oct 21, 2008 (from October 28). If true, that could be a good sign that this will be a kick-ass album as most releases don't normally get pushed out early unless they're either expected to be huge sellers or the record company is worried about the new material being leaked online (which is doubtful in AC/DC's case as they are well known for keeping tight control of their studio recordings).

Lastly, word has it that AC/DC will be in London sometime in August to shoot one of the videos for a new single. Don't ask me which song, however, as who knows what tracks will even be on the recording at this point. Let's just hope that the boys will do a little bit of acting in this one like that great video they once did for "You Shook Me All Night Long."

Keep rockin, Jon


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you say they're known for keeping tight control over leaks -- I was listening to SUL for weeks before the official release c/o an internet leak. -Kel

Anonymous said...

complete bullshit! FAKE! That is no AC/DC sound, the samples are really bad, brians voice is from other songs.. nice try

Jon Talisman said...

Hey Kel,

Well, I say that because very few AC/DC demos have ever seen the light of day on bootlegs compared to most other top bands.

Of course, whether or not these sound clips are actually from new AC/DC material is debatable.

super_voltage said...

I think it's not the new AC/DC album. The new album will be surpising!

Anonymous said...

Somebody is playing around with their computer. I'd say the obviously cut Brian bits are from Razor's Edge or Ballbreaker. That is no Phil Rudd sound I've ever heard. The timing on the first "demo" is awful, and that little twank that is supposed to be an Angus lick or something. Come on!

NETTUTS said...

If that is AC/DC, my ass is a banjo!