Saturday, October 18, 2008

AC/DC Named "Most Trusted Aussie Music Brand"

"AC/DC live the great Australian psyche of battling. They work hard and play hard."

Simon Hammond, a brand expert (whatever that is...) has declared that AC/DC are Australia's most trusted music brand in a new study which was summarized neatly on earlier today.

In other AC/DC News, The Daily Star has a report on the Black Ice Tour ticket mess happening in England right now. Minutes after AC/DC's shows sold out in the UK, tickets appeared for sale on Ebay and other resale outlets for upwards of 5 times their original price.

Ebay has, apparently, started taking down ticket scalper listings, but that was only after fans complained en masse. For the rest of the story, click here. (But watchout for a popup unless you've got Firefox!)

AC/DC's Rock N Roll Caravan has their own website which you'll definitely want to check out as soon as possible because they may be traveling near where you live. Apparently, the caravan is out to find people who want to go to AC/DC's secret show on October 26th so make sure you don't miss out on what they're up to...

Billboard has finally posted their review of Black Ice. There's really not much to it, unfortunately, but you can judge for yourself if it's any good by clicking here.

A Swedish merchant is offering a limited edition Black Ice Box (pictured above) which you can also view here. There's also an Black Ice review here in Swedish on AC/DC which you could always translate at Google if you so desire.

Additionally, there's three different articles on the Dutch music site BT about AC/DC which you can view here, here, and here which would probably be well worth your time reading after Google translates them for you.

Keep checking back for the latest AC/DC News!


SirAngus said...

Actually BT is a danish newspaper. Here is 2 links to another danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet:
First one is about the upcoming tour and that AC/DC are still hungry. Second one is a review of Black Ice 4/6 stars

Jon Talisman said...

Thanks for the help and links, SirAngus!