Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Angus and Company rock Indy!

Concert reviews from last night's AC/DC show are in already from Metromix and Indy's 1070 AM and, though they're not the most detailed pieces I've read lately, it sounds like everybody had a good time last night.

Reportedly, there were no changes in the set list but, apparently, Rosie tried to maul Phil Rudd as you can see from the photo below. I'm guessing she must have been after one of his big sticks...

Anyway, here's a brief clip of the ending to Hells Bells from Indy that's fairly decent quality.

Some excellent pictures from last night's show are available at the Indy Star and we also have some great ones at Bon Scott if you'd like to join the free AC/DC fan club on Yahoo.

Speaking of Bon Scott, Three Monkeys Online recently posted a lengthy, but fun, treatise on AC/DC's monster hit from the 70's, Whole Lotta Rosie, that you ought to check out.

In other news, Black Ice is still piling up the huge sales numbers across the world, though in most places it's dropped from the lofty #1 spot. Not so in the USA, however, as Paul Cashmere explains in "AC/DC Sinks The Pink In America." (Nice title!)

If you're interested in another preview of AC/DC's Rock Band Pack, this one from RockGamer ought to satisfy.

Two more Black Ice record reviews have crossed my computer desk since the last update. The better one is from Inquirer.net and the other is from Access Hollywood.

By the way, I believe these photos are from AC/DC's second night in Chicago but don't quote me on it.

Also, Billboard has reported that AC/DC's Plug Me In has won the DVD of the Year at the Classic Rock Awards. There's more on the complete awards ceremony here in case you're interested.

If you want to see a brief, but funny clip of some older fans dancing in Indy last night, go here.

Also, I just found this clip from the November 1st show in Chicago that's definitely worth watching...

That's all for now, folks. Go out and vote today if you're in the United States and may the man who'll least fuck up our country for the next four years win!


marble said...

Thank God, we got Obama in! Now all my friends and I who said they'd leave the country if McCain got elected can stay put.

hubbs said...

The set list from Toronto last night (November 7th) was mostly the same as the one posted early. The only difference was that they switched up 'War Machine' and 'Shoot to Thrill'.

Anonymous said...

Seen Angus and the Boys at the Palace in Detroit on Wed. Awesome show!!

Adrian said...

Hi jon! Adrian here again! After looking at some ACDC youtube videos I came across this very interesting one! Guys from Holland found Angus Young's home in Holland and visited him! Angus didnt get angry or anything. That shows that ACDC is awesome.


Enjoy and keep rockin,

Anonymous said...

I saw AC/DC for the 4th time at the palace of auburn hills wed.They still put on a kick ass show.this show is deffinately shorter than tours of the past but still long enough to make your ears bleed.I won't get into the set list as it seems pretty much locked in.One thing I noticed was the age of the crowd.people from 4 years old to 60 and everybody rockin out!AC/DC is still the best live band ever and if you haven't seen them,it sucks to be you!