Monday, January 14, 2008

Angus in Jersey?

Sorry ranchers, this post is not about types of cattle. It's actually about the latest AC/DC concert rumor to hit the internet.

It seems a Mr. John Monsen, the bar manager at Jenk's Club in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, has sworn on a stack of cocktail napkins that AC/DC will play a show there most likely in March, though details aren't finalized yet. You can read it for yourself if you don't believe me in the Asbury Park Press.

I, for one, totally believe that the best new way to hype your drinking establishment is to publicly announce that some big name act will appear there soon. Not only do you make a name for yourself but you always have an easy out if the "deal" falls through. Say, for example, if AC/DC had never heard of you in the first place...

But let us be hopeful for the show my fellow AC/DC fans. After all, as the great Bon Scott once sang about a sweet little momma, we've "got nothin' to lose."

Say, do you think "The Boss" will join in for a jam with Angus, too? I sure hope that punk, Bon Jovi, doesn't show up! Anyone that steals part of Bon Scott's great name to help his career shouldn't be welcome at an AC/DC concert, imho.


Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see AC/DC in this venue... It's basically a bar/restaurant/club on a pier on the boardwalk overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. For those unfamiliar with the area, it is already a very popular drinking spot for a certain crowd of locals (so I don't think the manager needs the publicity), and the place is absolutely packed in the summer tourist season. It's not my type of place, but I'd sure as hell be there for AC/DC. They have hosted some "national" recording artists that have played shows there for radio stations from New York City. I believe the Goo Goo Dolls, the Go-Gos and a few others have played there. Personally, I think AC/DC would be much better served to go 12 miles up the road to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park to play a venue with a great history. However, the capacity at Jenks is larger I believe. It should be an awesome show at either venue and for those unfamiliar, it is about sixty miles from New York City and about seventy miles from Philadelphia. And not that I'm a fan of Bon Jovi, because personally I think his music is shit, but he in no way tried to rip off the legendary Bon Scott. His real last name is spelled Bongiovi and some asshole A&R guy from the label made him change it years ago. I don't know if Bruce would get on stage, but he would most likely be in the crowd if not on tour. I hope to hell this does come about

Phiff said...

Thanks for the great info, man. We'd all love to see this or any AC/DC show happen, of course.

As far as Bon Jovi is concerned, according his Wikipedia entry (if you can believe anything written on that shitty site) it says:

"Because John wanted a group name, Jerry Jaffe, A&R head at PolyGram at the time, came up with Bon Jovi, changing the spelling and rationalizing that it had the cadence of Van Halen and an oblique reference to AC/DC's, Bon Scott. The band didn't really like it. (Doc McGhee scoffed that it made the band sound like "French ice cream"). But within a week it was adopted without much fanfare."

So, if this can be believed, part of the Bon Jovi name was meant to be a reference to Bon Scott. If that's true, John Bongiovi knew that at the time he agreed to it. Thus, imho, he agreed to ripping of Bon's good name for his own identity.