Friday, January 18, 2008

Glashaus Press Conference On Rumored AC/DC Concert

Officials from the Glashaus in Reinach, Switzerland held a press conference yesterday, apparently to talk about their version of events surrounding the well publicized rumor that AC/DC was going to play a "secret gig" at their club in late January.

Since I don't speak German I can't tell you exactly what they said but, from their tone and references to Sony BMK (BMG?), it certainly sounds like they thought they had a deal for the world's greatest band to perform.

I have learned that Blick online published some details of yesterday's announcement by Glashaus owner, Kurt Weber. Here's the English translation of that report by Google.

Anyway, you can judge for yourself whether these Glashaus reps seem serious or just seriously crazy by watching the video below.

P.S. Speaking of seriously crazy, check out this news interview with possibly one of the most obsessed AC/DC fans in the world. No translation is needed to understand this man's passion for the band.

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