Monday, January 21, 2008

New DVD on AC/DC's Highway To Hell Album

Video Music, Inc. has just released a new DVD that promises an inside look at the "Highway To Hell" album and is said to include archival footage from backstage, performance material, and interviews from biographers, friends, and band members.

This, I believe, is Video Music's 2nd release about AC/DC in their "Classic Album Under Review" series. First, of course, was their look at "Back In Black" which featured a picture of AC/DC with Simon Wright on the cover! Was he even out of diapers when they put out Back in Black?

Anyway, let the buyer beware when it comes to unauthorized DVD's about our favorite band. I did see it's available at CD Universe for a mere $13.50 plus shipping in case anybody has to have it.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust those DVD's because why in the world would they put a picture of AC/DC with simon Wright on the DVD cover about an album that came out in 1980!!!!!!!