Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aussie Insiders Believe AC/DC Will Tour In 2008

Brisbane's Courier Mail jumped on the AC/DC tour rumor bandwagon with this short but sweet speculation printed in today's issue.

"AC/DC fans, prepare to rejoice. An Acca Dacca tour has been rumoured for years, but industry insiders reckon the kings of hard rock will hit the road this year, including a Suncorp blitzkreig."

The Suncorp they're referring to is Suncorp Stadium located in Milton, Queensland, Australia, a suburb of Brisbane. Oddly enough, the land this stadium was built on was originally a cemetery.

So, I guess it'd be ironic if AC/DC did play there considering that many fans seem to think that AC/DC's career is pretty much dead now since they haven't released an album in eight years.

Not this fan, of course. I've learned to have the patience of Job when it comes to AC/DC. Even Angus admires my patience. In fact, he's still believes that new house of his will be fully completed by the time AC/DC finishes the next tour after this one.

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