Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bad Bon Boogie

Looks like AC/DC fans in Japan are getting a special treat from the folks at Sony Music to mark the 28th anniversary of Bon Scott's unfortunate death.

From what I can tell, Sony Japan has organized a free film concert using an edited version of the Plug Me In footage and calling the memorial event "Bad Bon Boogie."

Apparently, this film will be shown daily from the 16th to the 22nd of February 2008, including some midnight performances at the N theater in Shibuya.

All I can say is why don't they do something like this in every part of the world? I know I'd love to see AC/DC up on the big screen again!

What serious AC/DC fan can forget the thrill of seeing "Let There Be Rock" in the theater for the first time? I know I can't...

You've got to hand it to the marketing folks of Sony Japan. They're on the ball over there. A very big ball, indeed.

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killerwolf13 said...

That's realy cool! Definitely a very gracious thing to do for fans!

Thanks for sharing!

Stay Strong,