Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brian Johnson Gives Away 3 Songs From "Totally Baked"

Apparently, Brian Johnson knows people who smoke weed. I imagine you're totally shocked at this revelation but, in fact, these FOB's like weed so much that they decided to make a movie about it called "Totally Baked: A Pot-U-Mentary."

Though Totally Baked is meant to be 'a comedy about getting fired up,' the makers of the movie are actually serious about cleaning up marijuana's seedy reputation. In fact, they're even donating 10% of the film's proceeds to NORML (The National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws)
if you buy the movie online through their website.

The great thing about this for AC/DC fans is that Brian recorded three songs for the movie soundtrack (Chain Gang, Shake That Tail, and Who Phoned The Law) which he's decided to give away to everybody for free! You only have a limited time to download them, however, so get cracking and go here immediately!

Of course what would free MP3's be if you didn't have fantastic looking covers for them, eh?

Never fear AC/DC fans! Thanks to our good friend, St. Rik, you can also have the pleasure of the coolest cover pics around for a couple of these new ditties. Click the links to go the full size pics!

Chain Gang On The Road

Who Phoned The Law

Who Phoned The Law - DEA

Aren't these awesome? Perhaps Rik will do more covers if he gets some good comments from you artistic types out there? Leave him a comment below if you like his work...


Tudor said...

Hey.. when you say free mp3 downloads.. you mean going to the site and listening to it?

Or is there an actual place where you can get them downloaded? Cause I really want those songs :]

Jon Talisman said...

Yes, I mean free songs you can download.

Go to the site I linked, give them your email address, and then check your inbox or spam folders for the link to the download page that they email back to you.

Then, all you have to do is go to the download page and grab your free tracks.

Tudor said...

Thanks mate.. I guess I didn't see the link before

I love this little site btw.. Keep it up

LDG Rolando David Muñoz Mtz said...

DUDE!!! I haven´t checked your blog lately, but today I did so... and I found the news about the new album recorded and a probably world tour... thanks for the news and I hope they to come to México!!

AC/DC freakin´ rulez!!!

Bruce Foster said...

Tried the link, but its not working? Can you email me a link or send the songs thru file factory or something similar?