Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brian's Best 'Baked' Promo Interview Yet

As most of you probably know, Brian Johnson's been talking with various radio stations across the country as part of the promotion work he's doing for "Totally Baked."

Unfortunately, for AC/DC fans, most of the interviews have been a bit too focused on the movie instead of what we all want to hear about - AC/DC and their new recordings.

However, yesterday's pit stop on Philadelphia's 102.9 WMGK with John DeBella proved to be much better than usual chat as the disc jockeys actually devoted more than half of the interview to the subject of AC/DC.

Despite being a bit 'raggy at the edges', Brian was in fine form and shared some good stories. Check it out for yourself by listening here.


Tudor said...

Johnson, the pirate.. Keith Richards played a pirate already.. I'd pay good money to see Brian do something like that :)

lucazoid said...

This was an interesting interview from the point of view of food analogies related to "artistic direction". At one point the interviewer says:

"You know what side your bread is buttered on and you always deliver what people expect"

and then later

"There are vey few bands that have achieved 100% comfort food status - there's no artistic search for musical purity or new directions"

and Brian thanks him for these statements. I'm intrigued by that. Some bands would consider that an insult, but not AC/DC. What do you think about that Jon?
cheers, Lucas (from

Jon Talisman said...

Hey Lucas,

Fancy meeting you here... ;-)

From what I can tell, the Young Brothers are extremely proud to have stuck to their roots in rock 'n' roll. So, equating their music with 'comfort food' would be high praise indeed.

Of course, judging by the fact that several generations of fans already love the band, I'd say AC/DC's musical philosophy/formula will prove timeless.

When asked if their new record sounds anything like their last, one of the oldest AC/DC jokes in the book is Angus' line that they've made the same record thirteen or fourteen times.

Furthermore, it's just my guess, but I think Angus and Malcolm basically feel that "all that is AC/DC is good, that which is not AC/DC is shit."

Incidentally, since we're on the subject, to me, the band's music is like food for the soul. You could call it "comfort food," but I'd say it runs much deeper than that to many fans.

Tudor said...

Yea, there's no doubt about it.. they've gotten it right

I was reading in AC/DC: Maximum Rock n Roll that one thing that the Young brothers notice (George Young included) and learned from observing other bands was the following:

These other bands would start somewhere.. build up on it, then branch out and experiment, but eventually return to their roots (we've seen this happen lots of times, with bands changing style and not really managing well after that)

So the Young brothers decided early on that, there's no point deviating from the magic formula since you'll come back eventually anyway.

And that's it.. there are differences from album to album, you can tell, but they are always small things.

I love these guys for their character. :)