Friday, May 2, 2008

MySpace Angus Young busted as fake!

Angus Young

For the last few years, someone claiming to be the real Angus Young (of AC/DC fame) has had a profile page on the online community, MySpace.

Over this time period, "Angus" amassed nearly 25,000 friends and fans on the site who regularly left messages and well wishes for him, often on a daily basis. In fact, the last known cache of the site indicates there were more than 12,000 comments posted to the bogus profile.

Not only that, but many AC/DC fans on MySpace wrote notes on the site (and told me personally) that "Angus" had even emailed messages back to them when they asked him questions or sent him a note to say hello. For all intents and purposes, they were completely convinced that they were really talking to the rock 'n' roll legend himself.

Even a few real friends of Angus' from his early days in Australia were fooled, too. Not long ago I spoke to some of his old mates who have MySpace pages and they swore that it was the real Angus after talking to him back and forth through emails on the site.

On January 29, 2007, the MySpace "Angus" even made a blog post announcement that AC/DC would be touring in the coming year. Here it is below, word for word.

Tour Information (Updated 29th January)


AC/DC will be touring Australia this year, to Melbourne. AC/DC will also be touring in the U.S. Location & dates not confirmed. AC/DC will possibly be performing in Europe. Not confirmed.

When the concert tour failed to materialize, many fans were left wondering what happened but, to my knowledge, the fake Angus never stated why it didn't come about.

Sometime very recently, however, the hoax was revealed and the page changed to say that it was only an Angus Young fan site, leaving many fans confused and hurt.

So who perpetuated this fraud? Apparently, it was an 18 year old girl from Australia named Catherine whose real MySpace profile is located here. (At least, that's who she says she is now anyway.)

Not the real Angus!

However, from what I can tell, this young lady has not explained why she chose to deceive so many of AC/DC's most dedicated fans.

Interestingly enough, though, a few of the fooled are sticking by Catherine and offering her notes of support in what must be a difficult time now that she's finally told the truth.

By the way, the fake profile has now been completely deleted, but whether the girl did this herself or MySpace deleted it is not clear at this time.

So what do you think, AC/DC fans? How do you feel about someone pretending to be Angus and fooling so many people and, furthermore, what type of person would want to do such a thing to other people in the first place?

Feel free to leave your comments below...

PS> This site has a summation of what used to appear on the fake Angus profile.


Lisa L. said...

I had this person as a friend for a long time.. and although I never really believed that the real Angus had a MySpace, it pissed me off to find out that she was seriously fooling people and passing off to be the actual Angus. Needless to say, she's no longer on my friends list.. >:-(

Anonymous said...

Just go outside and smell the tulips!!

I knew this was a hoax all along because MOST all inter-net happenings are contrived!
I love Angus because of his desire for privacy, when your on the stage, suck in the love of us fans!!
When your off the stage,all the power to your privacy,your family, and your life!
(wouldn't want ya nosin' round my house!)

Neinbull said...

Nice writing, but what is your source?

Uwe said...

Hey Angus!
what does the right Angus say to these facts? I know, she`s never been said that she`s the right Angus. Everybody knew it. Well maybe that`s a shame-but she made it alright. Tell us your own staement. Sorry for my bad english but I think you mustn`t be too angry about her-she`s never explain that she`s the right one. What is your meaning about all that?
Write back-and keep care-because we are your fans and that`s for ever- in the name of all fans of AC/DC!!!!!!!!!!!
answer my letter please!
Thanks a lot!

Tudor said...

anonymous has it right.. AC/DC seem to keep a lot to themselves, even though they are great sociable guys and all.

It's pretty odd to pass off as Angus.. but I guess she was just having fun.. it's pretty odd to think that she managed to fool so many ppl, but no need to hold a grudge.

Whatever, I always thought adding artists as friends on social sites is kinda odd and vain..

Richard Bergmann said...

I'm from Brazil, and here the Mayspace is not as polular, more like Orkut, also pages full of words, I was not aware of that fake Angus, we will not condemn this girl, the first by the fact that fans should know that MySpace, Orkut, are not exactly the style of Angus, and second that it is the age of inventing these, and third it is pretty well, what matters is that the same AC/DC is in studio, Hell is Back.

Anonymous said...

If you ever believed the MySpace-Page was for real you're just stupid. Sorry.

The Minimalist said...

Good for her! Did people actually think Angus would have the time or desire to email them? She must really be a big fan to want to spend her time doing something like this!

Tudor said...

Imagine Angus having another alter ego somewhere on the net.. schoolboy on stage.. quite guy offstage.. what could it be on the net?

and yea.. thank god AC/DC are back in the studio.. I can hear the happy ominous bells tolling joyfully already :)

BoogieSG84 / VIKING said...


She used to delete all messages that questioned the "authenticity" of the profile.

I sent her a message about me and lots of fans complaining to Sony and that they would probably file a lawsuit on her! :) Bullshit of course, but two days later the profile was gone.

Jon Talisman said...


I've been following this story for a while now because many younger fans I've talked to seemed to really believe they were talking to Angus.

So, the answer to your question is that I wrote the story based on what I've read, been told and things I personally checked out.

Anonymous said...

If someone's stupid enough to believe it, well don't come and cry afterwards. The internet's the proof that most of the human race are dump as hell. I'll just sit back and watch 'em burn.

andre said...

great chick i would pass by angus to nail her....hell yeah.acdc blow your mind and your mothers ass...listen to the best fuck the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can be everything you want to be on the internet. I am a 22 year old blonde transvestite or am I ?

Anonymous said...

oh man what a shame!