Saturday, October 25, 2008

Black Ice Sells 5 Million Copies Worldwide

It appears AC/DC's Black Ice is off to an amazing start in global sales according to this report in The Times Online. In fact, they go on to say that Black Ice could already be the number one album in 19 countries!

The big question in my mind is will Black Ice debut at #1 in the U.S. charts? If it does, that will be another phenomenal achievement for AC/DC after 35 years of rocking and rolling.

By the way, for more info on AccaDacca's latest sales success, you should checkout AC/DC rocking the charts the old fashioned way by The Times Now.

Speaking of milestones, Arnaud Durieux of Electric Shock is estimating that AC/DC will play it's 2000th concert on December 2oth in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Incredibly, that's more concerts than even the Rolling Stones (AC/DC's idols) have played in their 46 year career.

In other news, several more favorable reviews of Black Ice have appeared in the last day or so that may make for an interesting read for you. Among the better ones are Still Young at heart from the Herald Sun and There's life in the old uniform yet by The Australian.

For completists, The Belleville Intelligencer feels AC/DC is in fine form with Black Ice and the St. Catherines Standard says the boys have 'shaken off the mothballs' to make their best record in two decades.

One interview we missed earlier in the week was Zane Lowe talking with Angus and Brian recently on BBC1. I highly recommend you give it a listen because, for once, the disc jockey doesn't try to make himself the star of the chat and he actually asks some intelligent questions of the guys. Just a note, the interview starts at approximately the 1 hour and 7 minute mark into the 2-hour broadcast and you must have Real Player installed to hear it.

Lastly, since many of you enjoyed the last AC/DC top 10 list I posted, you might like reading the Essential AC/DC Tracks as compiled by the Arizona Republic. However, I must say I strongly disagree with their opinion that AC/DC hasn't recorded any essential tracks since 1981!

PS> How do you like the new AC/DC News banner at the top of the homepage? I want to thank "bscott288" of the great bootleg forum, Let There Be Rock, for creating such an awesome banner for this site!

Keep rockin, Jon


Anonymous said...

Yet another Black Ice review:

SirAngus said...

Amazing 5 million copies after a week. That is awesome.
Friday I asked "why is AC/DC not coming to Denmark" on air on the national danish radio P3 and they really did some research, but so far there is only rumours of Roskilde Festival (I cross my fingers)
Keep That Train Rocking

Will said...

wonderful logo

Anonymous said...

Love the new banner, man! Thx for the update. wow! 5 million copies! AC/DC sure is back! They are my favorite band!

Anonymous said...

AC/DC pls come to croatia!

Anonymous said...

Get in there!! Straight in at No. 1 in the UK!!!!

Anonymous said...

it's more than 2000 concerts now if we take into concideration that they playe quite a lot of conerts before 1975 (sometimes more than two sets a day). Regards !!!! Wojciech from Poland