Monday, August 18, 2008

AC/DC's "Black Ice" Revealed!

Albert Productions and SonyBMG Australia have announced the worldwide release of "Black Ice," the long awaited new studio album from AC/DC, on October 18.

"Black Ice," the first full-length studio album of all-new material from AC/DC since the release of "Stiff Upper Lip" in 2000, is the band’s debut album for Columbia Records, (New York Based label for SonyBMG) and their 18th for Australia’s Albert Productions.

Track Listing:
1. Rock ’n Roll Train
2. Skies On Fire
3. Big Jack
4. Anything Goes
5. War Machine
6. Smash N Grab
7. Spoilin’ For A Fight
8. Wheels
9. Decibel
10. Stormy May Day
11. She Likes Rock N Roll
12. Money Made
13. Rock N Roll Dream
14. Rocking All The Way
15. Black Ice

Fans of the band will, no doubt, be overjoyed to hear this official news. Especially considering the long wait they've endured since the band released "Stiff Upper Lip" way back at the turn of the century!

Several Australian newspapers and the major wire services covered the breaking news. Samples of which can be seen here, here and here. Entertainment news stalwart, Variety, even suggested that AC/DC might hit #1 with Black Ice.

It's also been officially confirmed that ""Rock 'N' Roll Train," the album's first single, will debut on August 28th and the video will premiere in September," according to AC/DC's MySpace page.

From the looks of things, it seems that Black Ice will be rolled out across the world two days earlier than it will be sold in the United States as Wal-Mart will not be releasing the album until October 20th according to and Wal-Mart's own special AC/DC page.

However, according to Web Wire, Wal-Mart will join with Columbia Records "to launch multiple activities for fans in celebration of the new CD album, including new product features and promotions to come this fall that will bring fans closer to one of history’s greatest rock bands."

Fans may pre-order "Black Ice" through Wal-Mart and AC/DC's own official store beginning today. Reportedly, the album will also be available through Sam's Clubs across the States. You'll have to pay at least $11.88 per CD for this exclusive deal, by the way.

In other news, AC/DC shot the video for "Rock 'N' Roll train on August 15 and a few of the details of that day were printed over at Metal Hammer.

Paul Cashmere of Undercover News also had a short piece on the making of the video which is worth a look, too.

One lucky fan who says he attended the video shoot has even posted a video on YouTube of himself singing the tune to "Rock 'N' Roll Train!" Check it out below...

The singing guy's video apparently inspired another fan to try and transcribe the tune so as to give us all a taste of what the song may sound like on guitar.

Are AC/DC fans a bit excited about Black Ice or what? And what will fans think of the new album's artwork? It's certainly a bit different than anything the band's ever put out before, don't you think? How do the song titles grab you, by the way?

Some of the titles sound quite unusual for AC/DC (Wheels, Stormy May Day, Smash N Grab). However, three of the songs have the words "Rock 'N' Roll" right in the title which obviously reminds us what AC/DC is really about.

So what do you think about Black Ice so far? Are you ready to rock out with AC/DC again? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Keep rockin, Jon

PS> This just in: The fine folks at The Consumerist have posted a very short piece mentioning AC/DC's involvement with Wal-Mart. Read what fans have to say about the deal here.


gazupp said...

well i for one am ready for this cd, its been to long, why cann't these guys go back to the old days and make an album every two years, it would make them legendary!, i am wonder when the next album will be after this one, i expect it to be their last, this one, cause under the current ratio of adding four years on, the next one will be due out in 2020, how old will they be then?

Anonymous said...

i heard rock'n'roll train..pretty good....

Anonymous said...

OMG Rock'n'roll train is a GUN songg.
album should be greatt
Good on ya guyss
: )

Anonymous said...

Well I've Heard the Entire Album.. 3 Days before Release I might add. Adn all in all I think its FANTASTIC. Their last album was Released when i was.. 8 or 9.. so Its been a long wait.. but im ready to run out adn buy the album. Black Ice will hit #1 Album in Australia for sure =D

Gustav said...

Why is it that my copy of Black Ice is with ACDC in silver letters and all the rest I have seen are with red? Anyone who knows?

Gustav, Norway

Banana said...

I LOVE THE CD! I got it for Christmas, and it's already on my top 25 most listened to playlist. I love it! They did great. I'm so glad they came out with a new album...

Anonymous said...

heck ya.. i love it.. acdc is just all around the best rock and roll band ever to play... RIP Bon
Scott... a true legend..