Thursday, August 21, 2008

Latest AC/DC News Roundup

Lots of news items over the last couple of days so let's get right to it...

Bob Lefsetz, a music business writer for the last 20 years, claims to have listened to AC/DC's "Black Ice" album and has written an extremely positive review of it which you can read for yourself here. Apparentely, sliced bread has nothing on AC/DC's next record.

If you're a fan in the UK, be sure to sign up for AC/DC's UK Mailing List through SonyBMG. I've signed up as Alex O'Loughlin just so they know I''m serious about getting their newsletter.

The Adelaide International Guitar Festival is holding an "AC/DC We Salute You" concert on December 7 with the main-stage acts performing their favorite AC/DC songs as a way to close out the festival. Word has it that two ex-AC/DC members, Dave Evans and Mark Evans, will be part of that performance. After the show, both guys will surely commiserate on how much money they could be making now if they were still a part of the Young Brothers corporate team.

Speaking of Australia, Leaping Larry of WA Today has called for AC/DC to play at this coming year's AFL Grand Final. I second that notion and, further, I call upon the NFL to book AC/DC to perform at the halftime of the next Super Bowl. It's certainly high time that the most played band at football games across this nation be given the opportunity to really rock a Super Crowd.

AceFrehley140986 has been hailed a YouTube Genius by Defamer for his brilliant rendition of Runaway Train/Rock N Roll Train. Of course, I should remind readers that I called that same thing the other day when I stated the video was priceless and also said "Don Coleman, eat your mo'f*cking heart out." Well, apparently, this comment of mine so pissed off the President of the Don Coleman fan club that he/she actually wrote in to call me a geek and a loser.

Lastly, it was very quietly announced the other day that Arnaud Durieux flew to London "to document the first AC/DC video that has been shot in years." No word on on what "document" actually means but fans might remember Duriex as the co-writer of "AC/DC Maximum Rock and Roll," the dreadfully long (but most substantial) AC/DC bio yet written.

However, Durieux isn't the only AC/DC fan that wanted to capture memories of the "Rock 'N' Roll Train" video shoot as this Argentinian site has posted about a dozen photos from the day including shots of Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams, and a very bleary looking Phil Rudd.

Well, that's about it for now but, as I post this, there are 59 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes left until Black Ice is unleashed upon the public.

Keep rockin, Jon

PS> Breaking news: Patrick Donovan and Andrew Murfett just wrote that AC/DC will tour Australia next year, possibly at Telstra Stadium (now known as ANZ Stadium according to Wackypedia.)


Manuel77 said...

Good work, your blog is great. Salutes from Spain.

Lucas said...

Thanks Jon for keeping your finger on the pulse. This is a wild ride!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Phil does look rough as a cob. Malcolm still looks the same, just a little more wrinkled, but don't we all? I'm excited, are you excited? Are we all excited?