Thursday, September 18, 2008

Black Ice Tour Tickets On Sale Saturday!

Tickets for the Fall 2008 leg of the Black Ice World Tour go on sale this Saturday morning at Ticketmaster and at 10AM.

For fans not familiar with Ticketmaster's paperless ticket technology, I strongly suggest you read this article at Ticket News because all of the AC/DC Fan Club seats will be sold that way and many of the other seats available for each venue will be paperless, also.

AC/DC, of course, are busy making preparations for their first live show since the group's appearance at SarsFest in July of 2003.

In fact, on October 26, two days before the Black Ice tour officially kicks off in Wilkes Barre, PA, the band will perform a special dress rehearsal show at a mystery location in New York City. There's no word on how to get a ticket for that private show, but you can possibly win one for you and a friend by entering this contest sponsored by Telus, the mobile phone service provider.

Speaking of Black Ice, there's been another review of the album posted online calling it "back in blacker." I've no idea what that's supposed to mean except, I guess, it's a good thing. Anyway, you can read the whole thing for yourself at Music Radar but you may come away from it a bit unsatisfied.

After all, what good is it to repeat what's previously been said about the album when what fans really want is to hear some sound clips? By the way, how is this review a "world exclusive" if the album has already been reviewed on several other sites?

A much more interesting option for AC/DC fans would be to listen to Matt Pinfield's interview of Brian Johnson the other day on NY's 101.9 FM radio station. As usual, Brian's got plenty of great stories to tell, heavily dosed with his salty brand of humor.

In other newsworthy items, it appears that Rock Band 2 will soon offer an "AC/DC Live at Donington Expansion Pack for Rock Band 2" if you believe this rumor from Destructoid. If true, this would be a pretty cool addition to the game.

According to a posting from Paul Cashmere at Undercover News, AC/DC just received a special plaque from Columbia Records commemorating their sales of "shitloads of DVD's" over the last several years. Live At Donington went 6x platinum, Family Jewels (10x), and Plug Me In (5x). For more about that story click here.

Furthermore, the new Director's Cut of No Bull as scored big in it's first week of release debuting as the #1 top selling DVD in no less than eleven countries including the United States! Full details are at Blabbermouth.

Last, but certainly not least, I invite you to step back in time a moment by checking out a couple of items posted online recently. First, head on over to our good friend at the Bon Scott Blog and watch a cool video about Phillip Morris, a photographer who hung out with AC/DC in the 1970s. Morris recently had an exhibition of his work in Sydney, Australia and this video highlights some of his best work with the band.

Second, if you're into collecting everything related to AC/DC, you might want to visit the Psychedelic Rock Blog and download a collection of tunes by an obscure sixties band called Grapefruit. How is that band related to AC/DC you might ask? Well, it seems an older brother of Malcolm and Angus named George Alexander (Young) who did not emigrate to Australia with the Young family played the bass and sang vocals for that group.

Beatles fan might be interested to know that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were co-producers on a Grapefruit song called "Lullabye for a Lazy Day," a tune that was initially called "Circus Sgt. Pepper."

Keep rockin, Jon


marble said...

The Phillip Morris pics are great! It's fascinating seeing AC/DC in their early days, playing the small venues, knowing how far they've come.

Anonymous said...

AC/DC Radio on Sirius played "War Machine" this morning. Reminded my a little of "Hail, Cesar"