Sunday, September 14, 2008

Download the Angus & Brian Interview on Stern

Here's a great interview of Angus Young and Brian Johnson from the Howard Stern Show on September 9, 2008 for download. Even if you can't stand Stern's tired act it's well worth the listen for Angus' and Brian's great sense of humor.

Thanks to Graham Farrell of the Bon Scott Group at Google for the show!


lucazoid said...

That interview is weird! It's an hour long, and yet they only play one song - and not even the whole song!

Howard Stern is like the bully at school who harangues you and keeps going on and on at you about sex, in his repulsive way. I felt Angus and Brian shrinking from him, and at the same time trying to stay upbeat for the show. What a creep.

Interesting to hear Angus' voice. You know, from an Aussie perspective, he has quite an interesting accent. It sounds... very "old fashioned". I mean, it's clearly got the Australian drawl, but swimming underneath it is a sort of Britishness. It reminds me of the kind of voices from Aussie TV from the 1960s and 70s... Funny how he's kept that era in his voice...

[on a side note - I didn't think Angus' justification for selling exclusively through walmart was very convincing... something about increasing the accessibility of the record to "the little guy living in small country towns" across america... hmm... ]

cucumber said...

Well Angus' voice sounds different because he's from Scotland, born in Glasgow. These guys are absolutely my favorite, and I'm glad they're still rockin :D

Anonymous said...

well angus' voice sounds different because he's Scottish, born in Glasgow.