Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are You Ready To Rock?

AC/DC fans everywhere are more excited than a cheerleader on speed right now as the band has just revealed the opening leg of the Black Ice World Tour. As previously posted, the boys have decided to start out in North America and are saying they'll return to the U.S. next year for stadium dates in the summer. That should be pretty exciting, eh?

First reports indicate that concert tickets will run at least $90, not counting, of course, added handling (bullsh*t) charges but scalpers are already offering lower arena seats for upwards of $500 at many venues. I haven't checked Ebay yet but I'm sure there'll be loads of high price tickets offered for "auction" there, too.

A couple of different newspapers marked the occasion of the big tour announcement by looking back at AC/DC's last concert appearances in their city. Well worth the read is this preview of the band's 2001 stop in Denver and, also, this review of AC/DC's show in Raleigh, NC. If reading about AC/DC's last concert circuit doesn't get you excited, I'd suggest you put on your Stiff Upper Lip Live DVD and rock out the rest of this weekend.

Speaking of reviews, there's a pretty funny one posted at Coke Machine Glow about AC/DC's new single, Rock N Roll Train, calling it the best track since Thunderstruck. I don't know if I'd go that far but, after listening to it a thousand times now (at least), I'd say RNRT's a definite winner in my book. It certainly grows more on me everyday, I have to say. There's also a briefer piece on the song here if you feel like you need more convincing it's an excellent song, worthy of NFL stadiums everywhere.

Angus Young, Eddie Trunk and Brian Johnson

In other news, Angus and Brian have started hitting the radio station circuit to hype the new album and say hello to the their fans again. Very recently, they guested on both the Howard Stern and Eddie Trunk shows. Unfortunately, I don't have audio clips of either show but, if you look around on the net a bit, I'm certain they're available somewhere. Angus and Brian certainly look rested, fit and ready to rock, if you ask me. Incidentally, I found a revealing bit about Brian Johnson on Euro Like Me the other day that's worth checking out.

Finally, Triple M Radio out of Sydney, Australia sent one of their people all the way to New York City to talk with Brian and Angus about Black Ice recently. You'll definitely want to check out Myf Finally Meets AC/DC for some of the details on her 20 minutes with the boys. She promises there's more to come soon, by the way, including pictures.

While you're on Triple M's site, I urge you to also check out their mini-preview of Black Ice and their Look Back At AC/DC In Pictures. You will be glad you clicked the links, I promise.

Keep rockin, Jon


faithhealer said...

Thanks for that Jon - the 'boys' are certainly keeping us on our toes with all the long awaited info coming at us hard and fast now - great pics from Triple M too.
Cheers... you done real good my friend ;)

Muhammad said...

Ooh, $90. Not much for me but it'll be harder to get my friends to go. Whatever happened to cheaper prices for DC concerts that Malcolm promised last time around so young kids could afford to go.

BillyWarhol said...

HELL'S BELLS!!***********