Friday, October 17, 2008

Brian's Interview with Vancouver's 24 Hours

Yet another Brian Johnson interview has popped up online. This time Brian talks to Darryl Sterdan of Vancouver's Canoe News and it's a fairly revealing chat as far as AC/DC interviews go.

One of the most interesting things we learn from it is that Beano says the band is planning to play 5 songs from the Black Ice album on tour. No word on if he means every night, however. (Doubtful...)

Anyway, I'd say this piece is a must read, though there are some questions asked that you've no doubt heard more than a few times before on the Black Ice press junket. Click here for the entire conversation.

Also, if you're interest in reading another Black Ice album review, the Kansas City Star has posted theirs on this blog.

Keep checking back for more AC/DC news updates as we get them!

Cheers, Jon

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