Friday, October 17, 2008

AC/DC Singer's Rocking In His Rolls

Brian Johnson and his 2007 Rolls Royce Phantom

Motor Trend magazine recently posted a fascinating article about Brian Johnson's love of racing historic motor cars which features plenty of details and photos of his own personal collection of exotic vehicles, too. Check it out here. If you wish to skip directly to the extensive photo gallery, click on this link.

In other news, AC/DC fans in Switzerland have blown a fuse over Black Ice Tour tickets sales in their country. Apparently, the March 29th show in Zurich sold out in less than 30 minutes and many were instantly for sale by Ebay scalpers shortly thereafter. (Of course!)


lady said...


Where did you get this photo of Brian with his Rolls? I can't find it anywhere!

Thanks x

lady said...

Hi there - really keen to get hold of this image for publication - can you let me know where you got it from? Thanks very much!

annalisa presley said...

hey there my name is anna and i love the band ac/dc and have since i heard their song TNT and i am 15 years old i would love to meet brian johnson someday soon and i know i can because i have connections but im not sure he would want to meet me.he lives only a few miles away from me and my dad has been to his house before and i would love to meet my idle and rock legend since i was 5 .......thanks annalisa presley