Friday, October 17, 2008

Got Black Ice Fever yet?

Are you anxiously awaiting the moment you get your hands on a real copy of Black Ice, the new AC/DC CD? Are you salivating at the chance to see the band live soon? Where are your tickets at anyway? Have you checked the mail 10 times today for them?!

If so, you may have Black Ice Fever right about now. Don't worry, though, you're not alone as rock fans across the globe are all having the same eager feelings right about now.

Perhaps the latest AC/DC News will help you pass the time, eh? Read on, my friends...

AC/DC reveal Black Ice secrets by Kathy McCabe of The Daily Telegraph is, hands down, the best article you can find on the band lately. By the way, make sure you scroll down past the video for the complete story on how the new album came together.

Fans who haven't heard the Black Ice album in full yet can check it out at AC/DC 101. By the way, more reviews of the new album have come in from The Boston Globe, Popdose, and the Chicago Tribune. They're all worth reading if you like to know what critics think.

In other news, AC/DC has finally posted a video about the Making of the "Rock 'N Roll Train" Music Video on their YouTube Channel. Watch it here, if you like...

Patrick Donovan's Sticky Carpet had a few things to say about AC/DC today which you should check out at The Age. Scroll down to the part where it says 'Steamrolling Along" for the AC/DC part of the article. Also, if you care to read it, The Age also has another one of the umpteenth stories lately about all the illegal downloading AC/DC fans have been up to since last week.

Maybe the second best read of the day is USA's exclusive interview with Brian Johnson found here. There's also a companion piece to their story that you should check out on their blog site.

Looks like some of the record stores in Oz have jumped the gun and are already selling Black Ice to rabid packs of AC/DC fans. Naturally, Paul Cashmere has more on that story.

Of course, Black Ice hits the stores in N. America on Tuesday and retailers in Canada and Wal-Mart in the USA are preparing to move massive amounts of AC/DC stock according to The Metro.

According to this press release, Wal-Mart is going all out to launch AC/DC's new album with special instore displays featuring Black Ice, the Rock Band 2 Expansion pack, and plenty of the band's back catalog to tempt all the new fans into exploring all the great songs of AC/DC's past.

AC/DC's official site has the full story on where the Wal-Mart AC/DC truck will be pit-stopping in New York in Los Angeles this week. At each stop, the crew will blast the new album, allow you to check out Rock Band 2 AC/DC style and, I'd bet, they'll be giving away some AC/DC swag as well.

Speaking of Rock Band 2, Giant Bomb has The 411 on AC/DC's Rock Band Debut. for you to peruse. Game Daily also has a story on Harmonix's recent showcase of the game in San Francisco. The most entertaining read on the game by far, however, is Wired's.

In Black Ice Tour news, The Irish Times said that AC/DC's Dublin performance sold out in a mere three minutes. Other shows on the Euro leg of the tour have sold out almost as fast.

Fans in Scotland are feeling a bit left out, though as AC/DC has not announced a show there yet. Rock Radio of Scotland has even posted a petition online to bring the boys to Glasgow which you can sign here, by the way. So what about it, lads, your Scottish fans are waiting?

As always, you should refer to this page at for the latest official word on where the band will be playing in 2008-09.

By the way, The Answer are busy gearing up for their big opportunity to support AC/DC on the Black Ice Tour. According to what they say here, it was actually Angus and Malcolm who picked them over 150 other bands considered for the opening act!

Well, once again, that's all for now. Thanks for the great tips and comments everyone!

Keep rockin, Jon


Anonymous said...

I´ve got the new record today? Anyone more? Its a KICKASS album I must say... Masterpiece =) Rock on everybody! //Mika from Sweden

Max said...

Did you order it from ginza?
I did also got it today :D
Its freaking wondertastic! :D