Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AC/DC News In Brief

AC/DC has added more dates to the European leg of the Black Ice World Tour. See this page for all the latest official updates.

Triple M has a preview of many of the tracks off of Black Ice along with exclusive commentary on the songs by Angus Young and Brian Johnson. VH1 is offering a full preview of the Black Ice album here, if you can get their player to work (I couldn't.)

Uncut Magazine, a sister to NME, wants to know what you would ask Angus Young if you had the chance. Send your questions to by noon on Friday, October 17.

Reuters has more on AC/DC's battle with iTunes and why the band made their deal with Wal-Mart. CNet has also explored the iTunes story recently.

The Melbourne Herald Sun has a mini Black Ice review saying the band has done Back In Black again which is simply a ludicrous statement no matter how good the album turns out to be. The Sun is also streaming tracks from the Black Ice album here, which is, according to them, an Australian exclusive.

Crave Online also has a review of Black Ice. Spin Magazine's review is a better read, however.

AC/DC tickets are top seller for fourth straight week according to Ticket News.

The Sydney Morning Herald says AC/DC has held up their end of the bargain by staying true to their formula and making another great rock 'n' roll record. SMH also notes that it's time for Generation Y fans to find their own AC/DC. Like that is somehow even possible...

Torrent Freak confirmed our prediction that Black Ice would see a staggering number of P2P downloads. The question is how will it ultimately affect AC/DC's album sales?

PC World notes, however, that AC/DC fans everywhere are pledging to buy Black Ice despite downloading from Peer To Peer networks (P2P).

Magazine collectors in Japan may want to look for the latest issues of Guitar Magazine and Record Collectors with Angus Young on the cover. The guitar mag is available for purchase here, in case you have to have it.

Addicted to Vinyl has compiled their favorite fan-made videos for AC/DC's Rock N Roll Train contest. The claymation one is pretty cool, if you ask me.

Most of the Rock Band 2's AC/DC expansion pack achievements have been discovered and noted here, if you're into that game but haven't quite mastered it yet.

Brian Johnson received an award for his part in the writing of Back In Black from the UK's Performing Rights Society at the 2008 ASCAP Awards held in London recently. According to ASCAP, Back In Black was one of the most performed works in 2007.

That's all folks, Jon


kick said...

LOL!! Actually, for what that was... that was amazing! But, of course for someone who can't dance and sing at the same time ;), a lot impresses me. Thanks, Jon. That was fun.

Tudor said...

Damn.. still no serious covereage of Eastern Europe.. sigh.. oh well.. I hope there will be a DVD with a good Black Ice World Tour show

Timothy Watson said...

Hey Jon,

Kick ass site!! Killer content, graphics, everything.

AC/DC will always rule!

Link exchange...all of my blogs are do-follow.

Cheers, listening to Black Ice


Anonymous said...

Great Work!

SirAngus said...

Excellent work Jon... Excellent videos on the addicted to vinyl site...

BadBoyLoogie said...

The album is great, best since BiB in my opinion. Although, I wish they'd leave out at least 5 of the songs. Then it would be killer.

Anonymous said...

I think it was a bit insensitive to call this album best since back in black. I mean AC/DC had awesome songs after bib too like: Shake your foundations, For those about to rock, Are you ready, Thunderstruck, Moneytalks, Thats the way i wanna rock and roll, Heatseeker, Danger, Sink The pink, Who made who etc etc. The fact that they didnt sell those albums so much doesnt mean those albums sucks. Im a big AC/DC fan and i have every song they played like guests and rare bootlegs etc etc. They are AC/DC, they try hard for every song to make it sound awesome. For those about to rock I salute you!

Jens said...

Hi Jon, I just bought the new CD (I live in Germany) and I must say that it looks really great. The cover is shining in high quality black with delicate pattern on it. And the booklet of the limited edition is filled with excellent photos and lyrics. It is worth buying it!!
And the CD contains also CD-Text - nice feature.
Just to inform you, Jens.

lucazoid said...

jon, this is extraordinary. you are an incredible node!
thanks man

Anonymous said...

Jon - I don't know if you have any contact with AC/DC but get them to play more UK dates!! They all must have been sold out in under an hour! Can't believe I won't be seeing them :-( but I guess I'm not alone... Bugger!

Anonymous said...

Wow...see what happened in rome last nght to launch the cd...