Friday, October 24, 2008

Thumpin' Thursday at AC/DC News

It's been revealed that AC/DC's secret show will take place in Wilkes Barre, Pa at Wachovia Arena on October 26 at 7:30pm. Fans who won tickets to that special event have already been notified by email. Congratulations to the winners! We hope you'll post your concert reports here at AC/DC News.

Music Week says AC/DC''s on course for massive global sales which is pretty interesting considering that the rest of the business world is pretty much in a full blown depression (Thanks Dubya!). The Herald has more on AC/DC's amazing economic success in a time where many people are losing their jobs and homes. Is AC/DC the cure for doom and gloom? Maybe...

Additionally, Black Ice has topped the CD sales list of the Canadian music retailer, HMV. For full details on that, click here.

Apparently, there's an AC/DC interview at Absolute Radio but I wouldn't know for sure as they don't seem to like my flash player.

Undercover News has a story about how some Australian's are downloading AC/DC music despite the band's insistence not to sell music digitally.

According to Patrick Donovan, Jesse Hughes, the frontman for The Eagles of Death Metal, is obsessed with Bon Scott. In fact, on his band's new album called Heart On, Hughes has named one of their songs "High Voltage" in honor of his favorite band, AC/DC. There's more on that story at WA Today. To listen to their new album, check out TEODM's MySpace.

The Dwarf and the Basilisk's Matthew Conway has posted his Top Ten AC/DC Songs which you might want to check out. Can't say I agree with his list, (The Furor at #9?) but I think you'll enjoy the post.

SonyBMG has partnered with Triumph Motorcyles for promotional opportunities in the rock 'n' roll world. Their first joint effort, in fact, centers around AC/DC's Black Ice. There's more on that story here, including how you can embed their special Black Ice music player on your own site.

The Cleveland Leader says AC/DC's Black Ice is their best album in over a decade, but that's not saying much really when you consider that AC/DC has released only three albums since 1995!

There's a fairly decent review of Black Ice at Errols Weekly Music Update which you may want to check out. It's kind of difficult to tell where the review actually begins, however, so just scroll down slowly with your reading glasses on and eventually you'll get to the point where they begin to talk about AC/DC. (I promise it's really there...)

If you can stand one more album review, I'd check out Mark Saleki's at the Blog Critic's site because he's obviously a longtime fan of the band with a good sense of humor to boot. Aversion has a take on Black Ice that's an interesting one, as well.

For some odd reason, Sony has created has taken AC/DC's Rock N Roll Train and made it into "the world's first music video in an Excel spreedsheet" which you can read about and download here. To see a sample of their creation head to YouTube.

Also, I should mention that SonyBMG is giving away ten AC/DC flat cap/Black Ice album packs which you can enter the drawing for here. The "flat cap" is what Angus wears, apparently, though I just call it Angus' hat.

Finally, if you're an AC/DC fan looking for something a bit different to read, I recommend Gary Nelson's article Rock wasn't meant to be commercial, a sentiment with which I agree wholeheartedly.

More AC/DC News as it comes across my desk...

Keep rockin, Jon


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Freddie and Fannie may and to the shock to thew market a Obama win will have on the country .

Thanks for all the AC/DC updates .

Anonymous said...

Holy Angus... thanks for the top ten link. I was wondering why that individual post suddenly had 50+ views in the last day.

"Furor" is still one of my favorites though! Just trying to show a little love for a tune that's become a bit more obscure these days. Some will say there's a reason for that, but I actually enjoy the repetitiveness of the guitars in that song.

marble said...

Glad to see those Bon songs on that top 10 list. "Whole Lotta Rosie" at number 1 is spot on, without a doubt the greatest AC/DC song of all time.

Enjoyed the article about rock 'n' roll in commercials. For a college radio production class back in the early '70s, I produced an ad using Led Zep's "Moby Dick." The 40-something instructor gave me a bad grade because, in his words, "you can't use that kind of music in commercials." Ha!

Thanks, Jon, you're working overtime for us fans!