Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who's Opening for AC/DC?

The question: Who will open for AC/DC on the the North American leg of the Black Ice Tour?

The answer: The Answer

That's right, folks, an Irish rock band called The Answer has won the coveted slot to open for AC/DC according to this press release and their reps at The End Records.

So just who is The Answer and how did they get this amazingly lucky break you might ask? Well, for starters, The Answer hail from Northern Ireland and their music recalls the glory days of Led Zeppelin, Free and Deep Purple.

In fact, lead singer Cormac Neeson's voice has often been compared to such blues rock greats as Robert Plant and a young Paul Rodgers. Their first album, Rise, won them a lot of praise from hard rock critics in Europe and they were also named the best new UK band of 2005 by the editors of Classic Rock Magazine.

Neeson had this to say about opening for AC/DC.

"It is an honour and a privilege for The Answer to be offered the opportunity to support probably the greatest rock 'n' roll act on the planet. We are incredibly humbled."

However, what may have most helped The Answer get opening billing for AC/DC is the fact they are signed to the UK division of Alberts Records. Of course, as most longtime AccaDacca fans know, Alberts Records is home to AC/DC, their first and only record label in Australia.

If you'd like to check the band out, you can always have a listen at their MySpace or directly on their site where they occasionally release live recordings of the band as well as studio demos, too.

Incidentally, Angus and Malcolm's brother-in-law, Sam Horsburgh, directed The Answer's 2007 version of their Keep Believin' video below.

Much more AC/DC News on the way soon...


SirAngus said...

Thats great news. The Answer plays a solid Rock'n'Roll. I hope they will be openers in Europe too

Anonymous said...

The Answer?
The question...WHY!!!!
I waited 8 years to have AC/DC's incredible volume of work diluted???
Ten hours of Acca Dacca wouldn't be enough.

Muhammad said...

Erm..who? Well, whoever they are, I hope they're better than Wide Mouth Mason...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how people can buy up tickets & sell the from $200 up to $1500US $ I was having a hard time coming up with $85! This $ not going to the Band or the palce their playing! I in their club but I can remeber my users name or password see I had brain surgery in 2000 & I'm on disablity! This is so unfair I hope someone with AC/DC can stop these greedy people!