Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Ice Arrives

AC/DC is in Chicago tonight at the Allstate Arena. Irish rockers, The Answer, will be opening the show and they had this to say about their first night with AccaDacca in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

By the way, an old friend of mine, the Night Prowler, has uploaded photos from AC/DC's first show in Chicago on October 30 to his PhotoBucket page. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

In other news, it appears AC/DC has added a third Spanish date in Bilbao on April 4th, if this report is to be believed. The rumor hasn't been confirmed yet at AC/DC's official site, however, AC/DC is listed for that date at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre's (BEC) website.

In other AC/DC related news, there's a pretty interesting article from Undercover News about how Sony Records has been playing games with independent music stores in the USA lately.

It seems independents were originally quoted the wholesale price of $8.53 apiece for the vinyl version of Black Ice, but Sony ended up charging them $11.59 per unit instead. Independents are claiming Sony's trying to recoup some of the $7.5 million they've spent on the promotional campaign for AC/DC's new album by unfairly bumping the price up of Black Ice. For the full story and all it's ramifications for the band, click here.

Lastly, many fans have been wondering how the paperless ticket system has been working out so far on the tour as some folks feared it might cause massive delays at arena entrances. From what I've heard so far, though, getting into each show has been a relatively smooth process as long as you have the credit card you purchased the tickets with ready to go when you enter the venue.

Keep rockin, Jon


The Govner said...

The same set list as the first night in Chicago...... and "Rosie" is back!

Muhammad said...

Thanks for remembering me Jon and for linking to my site, even if I never updated it in the past 6 years :(

I hope people liked those pictures. My brother in law took them. He's never heard more than 4 AC/DC songs in his life and this was a great way to introduce him to the band. Now he's real interested.

I shall be adding more pictures from the other camera (we had a total of like 700 pictures).