Sunday, April 3, 2016

AC/DC News - April 3, 2016

Hi AC/DC News fans,

I've been away for a while so this post consists of all the most relevant AC/DC articles since February 27, 2016.

As most everyone knows, AC/DC's officially stated, "Brian Johnson, has been advised by doctors to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss." However, there's been a lot of speculation in the press and among the fans that there is more to the story as to why Brian's no longer fronting the band. That said, AC/DC has said they will reschedule the remaining 10 US concert dates to later in the year, "likely with a guest vocalist."

Many questions remain. Mainly, is Brian Johnson still AC/DC's singer? Is his absence only temporary? Is he really going deaf or, as he has insisted, his hearing issues are not as big a problem as they first appeared to be? Other concerns among AC/DC fans include who will front the band in Brian's absence and/or will the band retire or continue with a brand new vocalist? I guess only Angus knows for sure.

Whatever happens, I hope you will continue to drop by AC/DC news and I'll continue to post the latest news as my health and time allow.

Keep rockin, Jon

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Brian Johnson rules!


Terry Neice said...

I dont want to see Axl Rose with AC/DC! I think Steven Tyler would be the one to step in If he can or get my money back! This is a sad day😞

Ruth Adams said...

I'am extremely disappointed with the fact that Angus was very lucky to have found Brian Johnson as soon as he did after Bon Scott died. I mean, come on,Brian sounds like Bons twin for petes sake!! He can never be replaced, ever, he is part of AC/DC. He is ACDC.and if he has to leave, Then I and millions of others will. Watch and see, Angus. This may be the biggest mistake you have ever made for ACDC. It's so sad.