Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cliff Williams at The House of Blues

AC/DC's Cliff Williams recently performed at the House of Blues as part of the Hollywood Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp. A few photos from that show can be found here.

Check out the comment below from Bill Lonero for more details on his time spent with Cliff.

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Bill said...

well it was a dream come true to perform with Cliff. AC/DC has always been my favorite band. I was a guitar instructor at the Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp. Cliff came in on Saturday afternoon to S.I.R. studios in Hollywood with Steve Luongo. He did a question and answer session for about 15 minutes then later in the evening he did an open jam in the studio I we rehearsing in with Simon Kirke of Bad Company. I didn't participate in that jam.

Later that evening everyone hung out at the bar at the Renaissance hotel in Hollywood where we were all staying.
We all had our fair share of drinks.

The next day Cliff came back to S.I.R. and that's when the jam I participated in took place.

The following evening was the House of Blues show where my band LoNero opened the shoe. Cliff got up and we did T.N.T. together. It was absolutely incredible to be standing next to him playing guitar and sharing a mic while singing "oi,oi" it is something I will never forget!!!