Monday, August 11, 2008

Latest AC/DC tidbits...

Sony BMG has sent out a second notice asking fans to enter the contest to appear in the next AC/DC video which will be filmed this Friday in London. Apparently, though, you may not wear a Wal-Mart Sucks T-shirt to the event so don't even try.

Sharon Osbourne (of Ozzy Osbourne fame) just said she'd like AC/DC to head the the line-up for next years Ozzfest. Of course, who can forget the infamous egg-throwing incident a couple of years back when she got mad at Iron Maiden. Boy, I'd sure like to see her and Malcolm have a go at each other but, as one wag on Blabbermouth said, "AC/DC might have to get permission from Wal-Mart" first.

In happier news, Paul Cashmere confirmed that "AC/DC will film the video for `Runaway Train`, the first single from the `Black Ice` album this Friday in London." There had been a lot of speculation as to the exact title of the new song but, hopefully, this will clear up the truth as Mr. Cashmere is not wrong very often.

Fans in Romania have launched an online petition to bring AC/DC to their fair country on the new tour. I can't read Romanian but I think it says something like 'Please come see us. We will grovel at your feet if you do." Anyway, they've got about 1800 signatures already so, let's hope for them that they get their wish.

Personally, I'm hoping AC/DC will play China because I've never been and I hear the whole smog problem is way overblown despite what our friends in Britain believe.

Keep rockin, Jon

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