Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Up To My Neck In AC/DC News!

Bon Scott & The Heathen Girls

Well, lots of stories to get to today so let's get it on, as Mills Lane would say...

For starters, Bon Scott fans will definitely want to check out the latest post by Lucas over at the Bon Scott Blog. It's all about Rennie Ellis's photographic work with the AC/DC in the 70's. You'll find some amazing shots there, including the one posted above.

Fans of Brian Johnson will not want to miss this article from the Herald Tribune about where the elite meet in Sarasota, FL. We don't get to hear much about Brian very often, unfortunately, so this is a real treat if you ask me.

Check out the No Bull trailer in Windows Media or QuickTime.

Next on the agenda is Blog Critic Magazine's latest review of the No Bull Director's Cut DVD. If you haven't bought the reissued package yet, you may want to read their opinion on it before you plunk down your hard earned cash.

Of course, with all the excitement about AC/DC's upcoming tour, there have been several stories published lately about how ticket sales have been going so far. Two of the best pieces were by Ticket News.

In their first article, it's revealed that AC/DC was the top selling event in the United States for the week ending 9/21/08. That's a pretty big achievement for the boys considering all the other entertainers on the road this fall, not to mention all the regularly huge sellers like NFL Football games and the other seasonal sports here in the U.S.

Their other piece worth a read is a rehash of all the latest concert dates that have been added for the Black Ice tour plus the details on which arenas were sold out through the AC/DC Fan Club.

By the way, if you were lucky enough to get tickets to see the band this Fall, you might want to celebrate by wearing your favorite AC/DC T-shirts for the next month like the guy at Our Quirky Life has pledged to do. Now that's a dedicated fan!

Are you into collecting AC/DC on vinyl? If so, check out Brave Word's latest post on What Record's offering of a limited edition Black Ice album on heavyweight vinyl.

Lastly, for fun, you might want to check out this humorous satire on AC/DC's Wal-Mart deal over at Swinging For The Downs. Good for a few chuckles anyway...

Oh, and if you still want to read even more today, you can always have a glance at the Irish Times take on AC/DC's opposition to ITunes and/or look over In The Mix's short story on how the band Soulwax somehow made AC/DC cool again. One hundred bonus points for you if you know who in the hell Soulwax is, by the way.

Keep rockin, Jon

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marble said...

That's a funny story, but I don't think AC/DC needs Soulwax to convince anybody of their coolness!