Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ain't No Fun Waiting 'Round For AC/DC Tickets

Fans hoping to see AC/DC on the Fall leg of the Black Ice tour have grown increasingly frustrated over the problem of securing tickets to the shows they want to see.

Officially, each show is sold out. However, if you want to pay the extortionists who operate ticket reselling sites such as Ticketmaster's own Tickets Now, there are actually plenty of seats still available for each date on the upcoming tour.

In fact, even before Ticketmaster officially opened the sales windows on Friday morning of this past week there were already several scalpers/brokers offering AC/DC tickets online. As reported here earlier, seats to any Black Ice show could easily be had if you didn't mind paying a minimum of double their face value.

The Vancouver Sun had the most in-depth story concerning these issues in their article about angry AC/DC fans. Ticketmaster, as usual, claims they're not to blame for the problems of obtaining tickets at face value, yet they happily point you to their own scalping service so I'd bet something doesn't seem quite right if you were to ask the thousands of ticket-less AC/DC fanatics, some of whom are complaining across forums and blogs all over the web.

Well, if you can't afford AC/DC tickets, perhaps you can win them. In fact, AC/DC is offering at least two different ways to win tickets to their upcoming secret show in NYC on October 26th.

If you pre-order Black Ice through the band's website, you'll automatically be entered in a drawing for tickets to the band's special rehearsal show. The AC/DC store has 500 tickets that they will give away in pairs to winners chosen at random.

Or, you could enter the "Rock Out Your Car" contest as explained here on Sony Record's AC/DC site. The winner of that competition will score 4 tickets to the "secret" AC/DC show that isn't so secret anymore. I'd suggest you ask Mom or Dad first before you repaint their car, though.

Well, if all else fails ticket-wise, maybe someday soon you'll be lucky enough to see the guy who does the one-man-band version of AC/DC in concert. Here he is performing Back In Black as seen here on Live Leak:

His voice reminds me a lot of Jack White's actually. I wonder if he plays the guitar, too?

Keep rockin, Jon


kick said...

LOL!! Actually, for what that was... that was amazing! But, of course for someone who can't dance and sing at the same time ;), a lot impresses me. Thanks, Jon. That was fun.

mycutepetpics said...

Ticketmaster are fing thieves. They purposely give a majority of their tickets over to their scalping service knowing that we have no choice but to buy them. Even if 10,000 AC/DC fans made it clear that they won't pay 2-3 times the value, they don't care as there will be another 10,000 fans waiting in line. Buying tickets for concerts and sporting events has really gotten out of control and I see no end to it because we have no power and peoples selfishness will always ruin it for the crowd. It's a sad greedy world we live in unfortunately. Dam this story get's me fuming!