Friday, October 31, 2008

AC/DC Rocks the House in Chicago

Reviews of last night's show at All State Arena are already in from the Chicago Tribune, The Daily Herald and The Sun Times. By all accounts, AC/DC played a much tighter and hotter set than their opening night effort in Pennsylvania.

Here's the full set list:

AC/DC Chicago 10/30/2008

Click on individual tracks to see the corresponding live YouTube video.
Rock and Roll Train
Hell Ain't a Bad Place
Back in Black
Big Jack
Dirty Deeds
Black Ice
The Jack
Hells Bells
War Machine
Shoot to Thrill
Anything Goes
You Shook Me
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There be Rock

Highway to Hell
For Those About to Rock

By the way, for those interested in checking out how AC/DC sounded in Wilkes-Barre on October 28th, feel free to download the show here. It's a pretty decent audience recording provided by a very good friend of this site.

In other happenings, two new Black Ice album reviews have been posted online since the last AC/DC News update. One's from the Johns Hopkins Newsletter (of all places!) and the other is a short piece from The Orlando Sentinel. I highly recommend you check out the former article rather than the latter.

Lastly, for now, AC/DC's back catalog is also selling extremely well in the USA at the moment as evidenced by this week's chart from Billboard. Having five of the top six albums in that category is pretty amazing.

Please send in your reviews of the AC/DC concerts you attend!

Keep rockin, Jon


Anonymous said...

Great show! Angus sported his SG with the lightning bolt inlays along with a purple school suit this show. No Rosie, assuming due to her being melted by pyrotechnics at the secret show according to Rolling Stone. Love the montage on the big screens during 'Let There Be Rock' of album covers and band photos. Brian sounded great. Phil layed down some solid drumming while rhythmically taking drags off his cigarette. I'll tell you, right from first to last song I loved it all. They came out hard and fast and I tried to savor every moment and next you know the show is over. Funny, I started thinking about trying to get tix for the second Chicago show.

Muhammad said...

Yeah it was a great fucking show. We brought along a bunch of people that had never seen them live before and they were absolutely gobsmacked. I was a bit disappointed by the set list, I mean Anything Goes does not belong in a concert. Would've loved to hear Stiff Upper Lip and Hard as a Rock instead. We took great pix and enjoyed the show thoroughly even though we were on the upper level. Brian was better than I remember him from last tour. My only complaint was that the stage wasn't big enough. Can't wait to see them again in the summer.

Jon Talisman said...

Hey Muhammad,

If you've got the pics online, please let us know the link.

Muhammad said...

I'll let you know when I post them up Jon.

Muhammad said...

This link should work Jon.

I haven't added all the pictures yet, but these are most of them.