Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Night AC/DC Update

AC/DC's in Chicago, IL tonight and the Sun Times has a nice, but familiar preview of tonight's visit to Allstate Arena.

In a story that's already been repeated a million times around the net, Brian Johnson says he's overwhelmed at the success of AC/DC's new album. Hopefully, Brian will be able to afford a new car sometime soon as his 2007 ride just doesn't cut the mustard anymore, if you ask me.

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AC/DC Italia's YouTube Channel has some of the best Black Ice tour videos I've seen so far but, unfortunately, their audio quality is less than desirable. By the way, there's a couple of nice shots of the opening night to be found here. Click on each pic to make them extra large.

If you've attended or are going to attend one of AC/DC's Black Ice concerts, please post your reviews of the show including whatever details you can remember in our comments section below.

Keep rockin, Jon


Alex-Madrid said...

New European show added! April 4th Bilbao, Spain. Confirmed by the city's political authorities.

Anonymous said...

Bizkaia Arena - April 4

SirAngus said...

AC/DC went no 1 in Denmark I think that's the first time ever... and yet they haven't added Denmark on their tour

Jon Talisman said...

Thanks for the info, guys!