Saturday, October 4, 2008

Never before seen picture of Bon carrying Angus!

Here it is, as promised last week! This shot was taken as Bon Scott carried Angus Young through the crowd at the Winnipeg Arena on July 30, 1978 during AC/DC's Powerage tour. Man, how great would it have been to be that close to these two legends of rock?

Thanks to my buddy, Ken, at the Bon Scott Club for passing this along to everybody!

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Home Grown Gal said...

I remember that concert well! I was somewhere on the floor too (having moved down from my less-than-desirable seat in the stands; ah, talk about lack of security in those days!) Not only did Bon Scott carry Angus on the floor but in the stands, too. It was the first time I'd seen guitars without the need for all the wires. The close-up view of the band members aside, AC DC blew the doors off Aerosmith (figuratively speaking) by totally up-staging the better-known act. Aerosmith was so ticked that they never played "Dream On" and they refused to do an encore.