Friday, October 3, 2008

Triple M Scores AC/DC Again!

Melbourne's Triple M Radio have scored another big hit with their recent interviews of AC/DC's Angus Young and Brian Johnson.

Both of the brief chat sessions took place last month in New York City and while the one with Brian Johnson is, unfortunately, only on audio, you can watch high quality video of Angus talking with M's popular radio personality, Myf (pronounced like MILF but without the "L" sound) directly on their website.

I guarantee you'll end up wishing both interviews could have gone on longer because these two guys have more great stories to tell than most trees have leaves.

Another item which should be of tremendous interest to longtime AC/DC fans is the Bon Scott Blog's piece on the amazing story that famous Aussie photojournalist Rennie Ellis wrote after his encounter with Bon Scott in Atlanta, GA during the band's 1978 Powerage tour. I must stress that this is a "do not miss" kind of article...

Lastly, just for fun, I thought I'd post my favorite entry so far in AC/DC's "Give It All You Got" video contest to win signed guitars from Angus and Malcolm Young. Though this video's very amateur looking, it's filled with a great sense of humor that I think most AC/DC fans will really enjoy.

Keep rockin, Jon


Muhammad said...

Haha, that was video was hilarious. "What was that?"

lucazoid said...

thanks for the mention, jon!
ac/dc news is a hive of info at the moment.

it's a bit like christmas, waiting for that new album, eh!

Lucas from bon scott blog