Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Schoolboy Is Back!

After a very brief hiatus, AC/DC News is back with tons of interesting tidbits to share with all you AccaDacca fans out there.

As we told you last week, Q Magazine has devoted their upcoming cover to AC/DC's Angus Young. Not only that, but they've got much more in store for fans of the schoolboy including this mini-site devoted to our favorite duck-walking lad. Their site's well worth your free time as they offer up a gallery of new Angus pics (in uniform) plus a classic interview with the band, among other treats.

In other big news, it seems smaller music retailers have decided to take the fight to Wal-Mart over the mega-chain's exclusive deal to sell AC/DC's new album in the USA. Our friend, Paul Cashmere, has the full story at Undercover News and I must say it's refreshing to know that AC/DC's brand new album, Black Ice, will be on sale in N. America for lower than Wal-Mart's asking price of $11.88.

With all the AC/DC Rock Band 2 hype lately it's pretty interesting to read what the online game mags and forums have to say about the Live At Donington expansion pack due out exclusively at Wal-Mart in November. One irate gamer in particular, named Jeremy, has spoken up about the shortcomings of the new game in his latest piece,
AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack is an Epic Fail. It's a classic read on how corporate greed can ruin a good thing from a band you love. More info on the game can be found Joystiq and GameCyte, if you need it.

By the way, for those interested in commentary about AC/DC's battle royale with iTunes, you might want to take a close look at Taylor Trask's piece about it from Produce You. It seems the Telegraph might not have had all their facts straight in last week's story....

Before we move on, let's take another look at AC/DC's latest tour dates, shall we? Reuters has them here in case you've missed anything.

It's really interesting that the band will be rocking hard late into December and throughout January as most veteran fans expected the boys to not resume touring until, at least, March or April of 2009 after the first round of tour dates were announced a few weeks ago. Let's hope the Winter in the USA will be a warmer place to be this year for our favorite lads, eh? Wouldn't want little Angus to freeze the family jewels off now would we?

Speaking of concerts, the Black Ice Tour is still dominating ticket news across the country as the hottest show around. Read more about it at Ticket News if you're interested.

With all the Black Ice related contests we've noted lately, it's not a surprise to see more pop up everyday. Here's two for a lucky few: If you live in the UK, you could possibly win a chance to hear AC/DC's Black Ice a week early from the ancient rockers at Kerrang Magazine. Go here to enter their contest and may the best AC/DC fan win. Furthermore, if you live near Washington, DC, you've got a chance to win tickets to AC/DC's not-so-secret show on October 26th from DC101 which is a much better prize, in my humble opinion.

Lastly, for fun today, I'd recommend taking a gander at "What's Your Most Spinal Tap Moment?" over at Guitar World. There's some pretty crazy stories included, of course, though I'm not sure I believe them all. True or false, you'll definitely get a laugh or two from them anyway.

Keep rockin, Jon


Tudor said...

Very interesting.

A few things I'm wondering if any of you guys or gals know about or what you think:

Will AC/DC release another single/video in support of Black Ice (although it seems that the album will sell well no matter what the critics say)?

How long do you ppl think it'll be untill they hit Europe?.. especially East Europe

gazupp said...

i saw the first AC/DC concert tv promo in Houston, and as for itunes, i think they have the right to keep the album together, don't let hackers tear it apart, it will set up a trend of the destruction of the album, its meant to be heard in order of track list very important!, and is this AC/DC 's last Album?