Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stormy Tuesday at AC/DC News!

There's a ton of current AC/DC related news available right now, but I'll have to post it in bits and pieces due to my hectic schedule today. Please check back later for more...

How good are the riffs in Black Ice? The Hartford Courant thinks they've got the answer though I'm not so sure.

The Scotsman says Black Ice packs a "the kind of snappy musical punch last heard on...Back In Black. Here's the link for the rest of their review.

Be sure to check out Boston's WAAF Radio for their 6-part AC/DC special that features "Angus, Malcolm, Brian and the boys" playing new songs from Black Ice which you can listen to and download here. This is a do not miss kind of thing!

RTBF of Belgium has one of the most excellent Brian Johnson interviews I've ever come across and it's on video, too, which is even better. If you miss this chat with Brian, you ought not to call yourself an AC/DC fan. By the way, in my opinion, AC/DC fans should feel damn lucky to have Brian because he's 61 and is still in prime form as evidenced by how his vocals sound on Black Ice and by the wit and wisdom he shows time and time again in person.

In other odds and ends, here's an absolutely laughable review you ought to check out. After reading it, all I can think is how can any so-called professional music writer screw up this badly, especially for such a prestigous paper as The London Times?

The Philadelphia Phillies have knocked AC/DC off of the top spot of the ticket sales heap this week, according to Ticket News.

The folks over at Idolator are still upset that AC/DC refuses to sell their songs digitally. It's an extensive piece about AC/DC's sales history that's well researched, though I don't necessarily agree with their conclusion that the band ought to sell single songs through iTunes.

Jim Farber at the New York Daily News has reached a new journalistic low in his review of Black Ice which compares the thrill that fans get from AC/DC's music formula to the excitement that a serial killer gets when repeating his modus operandi. If you ask me, Farber's drawing a thinly veiled allusion to Richard Ramirez; the sick, twisted and sadistic murderer who also happened to be an AC/DC fan.

That's all for now, folks.

- Jon


Anonymous said...

And that's why I love Brian and AC/DC - no pretense, just honest music and honest talking. Absolutely AWESOME interview with Brian!
I just soooooo hope they'll be playing Stormy May Day in concert...what I'd give to see Angus play slide LIVE!
(Would like to leave my blogger name, but I can't remember my login.....)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Jon!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the RTBF interview is great. I love the way Brian depicts the studio sessions ... especially the bits about Phill's source of inspiration. And yes Brian is a great guy ... we owe him a lot of respect for all he's done for the band and rock in general. And yes we are lucky fans to have them producing yet another kick in the balls CD with the freshness of their current age ... we know why their last name si "Young" :-)

Thomas said...

What Idolizer need to understand is that a hit single today isn't comparable with a hit single back in the day.

Back then a hit single was heard on the radio and made people buy the album.

Today a hit single is downloaded on the internet and thus far less albums are bought.


Anonymous said...

I love in the Brian interview how Brian mentions hearing how good his voice sounded -- like 30 years ago... And then 1 minute later in the interview, the interviewer says that his voice sounds like 25 years ago and asks Brian if he agrees... Brian's face was funny after that. -kel