Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fan's rendition of AC/DC's Rock N Roll Train

This is priceless...

Don Coleman, eat your mo'f*cking heart out!

PS> News.com.au even posted this guy's video!

Btw, Confessions of a Fanboy had a pretty nice piece on the new album and the whole Wal-Mart deal that you might want to read.

Keep rockin, Jon


Anonymous said...

Jon Talisman has shown his true colors with his teenage style rant. The only thing Don Coleman is going to eat is the cherry off the next song he releases.
Wannabe's like Talisman are simply an example of the predictable transparent losers of today's electronic medium.
Hey Jon - I'll set up a meeting on stage with you and Coleman - Let's see who eats what!
I've met Coleman - I've seen Coleman LIVE and he Rocks!
You are merely a geek with a keyboard.
If you need a ticket to his next show, read my lips


Sincerely, Jeremy O'Brien

Jon Talisman said...

Lmfao! Thank you for making my day, Mr. President of the Don Coleman Fan Club.